Australian Immigration Made Easy !


Of late, the Australian immigration process has gone through a lot of change and has become a lot more simpler than what it was ever before. However, in the absence of having the correct information a lot of people end up making mistakes which can prove costly in the long run. Visa applications can even get cancelled because of not having the right information in place leading to a lot of problems for all concerned parties.

Step 1 :

Data Collection Of Self : You have to gather all the info you can about yourself including but not limited to education, work experience details, skills possessed and possibility of maybe acquiring a few additional ones. In addition to this you need to be sure of the following facts :

  • Competence and Flair in  English which is a very important pre-requisite
  • Clear the IELTS with a good enough grade to be higher up in the qualifying channel
  • Your skills should be assessed by a reviewing authority so that you can proceed ahead
  • Have a base level skill scoring of at least 60 points on the qualification grade
  • Meet the base level health and character requirements

Step 2 :

You would need to ensure that you prepare for the application in this step. It’s imperative that you find out a skill asessing authority and then start working towards furthering your prospects there.

You need to sit for the asessment and ensure that you score between a 6 and 7 at least across all bands to be able to have a good enough chance to make it through. Not having enough points will lead you to a situation where you would need a state sponsorship. This would be discussed at a later stage in time.

Step 3 :

Post your skill assessment report and IELTS Score card coming in you can commence submission of the ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI). Although, at this stage you will have to have other supporting documents with you which are as follows :

  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Relevant job certificate
  • Academic records and associated education documents.

Information on the EOI has be accurate to the “T”. If found out later, that this info is not correct, it can lead to complications and even cancellation of your application.

Step 4 :

An “ITA”, invitation to apply, may be issued to you depending upon how many points you have scored so far across all the parameters that have been mentioned above. If you do not recieve the “ITA”, there’s a very large possibility that you have not yet reached the threshold or are lower in the scoring category. A number of things can be done to increase your points, you need to meet your VISA consultant for a detailed explanation on the same. If everything works out well and you get the ITA, you would need to hand over additional dicuments like bank statements, proof of funds, etc.

Step 5 :

If your application is successful, you would be required to furnish your medical examination certificate and police clearance certificate. This gets you to the final clearance stage and in effect you are done with all that was needed from your end. All that you have to do now is wait for the actual VISA and move to AUSTRALIA !!

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