Destination Australia !

Australian flag

When we decide to study skyoad, Australia is right on top of the list or at least should be. Why is this the case ?

Well here are few reasons to answer that question. One of the fastest emerging economies in the World, Australia is the 3rd most sought after international student destination for higher education, having around 50,000 people involved in research and development studies making it one of the top research intensive countries.

Five Australian universities; Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales & Monash University are ranked under top 100 universities in Global Employability ranking 2015-2016.

Quality of Education in Australia

Quality of Education is one of the best reasons to study in Australia. The country is home to over 1,100 institutions and 43 universities including 5 universities in the list of top 50 universities in the World. The Australian National University and the University of Melbourne are ranked 19th and 42nd in QS Top University Ranking for 2016, with over 22,000 courses.

Australian universities have a variety of programmes to offer in various streams like, MBA, MIS, Engineering, Tourism etc. with full- time & part-time options. One of the top reasons to study in Australia is, being a hub of research and development capabilities, with around 50,000 people are involved in research and development studies.

MBA without GMAT in Australia

Compared to other countries Australian business schools have a more practical approach & focused on practical training makes them popular among working professionals. Hence Australian universities focus more on work experience than academic background. Minimum GMAT score requirement in top business schools of USA is 650 in comparison Australian universities accept GMAT score of 550.

Cost of studying and living in Australia

Australia being one of the most prominent destinations for studies makes it one of the costliest countries in the World. HSBC report says that the average cost per year of study in Australia for international students is AU$42,093 including tuition fee & cost of living. According to Australian National University, cost of study for a graduate programs is AU$28,608.

Work opportunities

It has become convenient for students after replacement of existing Skilled Graduate Visa with Temporary Graduate visa in 2013, increasing the student base in Australia. Monthly Report of International Students, by the Department of Education & Training tells that enrolment in higher education sector has increased by 9.1%. Work opportunity is available for graduate as well as students pursuing courses. Work while study opportunities help manage cost of living & help develop one’s skills.

Australia has a wide range of industries for part time work opportunities such as Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Sales and telemarketing and Tutoring etc. Apart from working part time, candidates can also get involved in paid internships during their coursework to get exposure on their field of study. Employees working in Australia have some basic rights at work such as minimum wage, challenge of unfair dismissal from the job, breaks and a healthy and safe work environment.

Student Cities

Melbourne is home to seven top universities in the World with 30% of international student population. Australia is a country rich in culture and sports activities. It has over 120 sports organizations for popular activities such as Cricket, Football, and Rugby etc. Students living in Australia usually find themselves in a cosmopolitan environment. Australia is ranked as 10th happiest country in the World in third World Happiness Report (2012-2014), here is a list of best student cities in Australia with QS Ranking.  |

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