Moving Overseas, Consider Your Options !


The youth today look at the following priority list before they decide which country and all for good reason.

  • Job Opportunities
  • Visa Extension possibility after Education
  • Possibility of Permanent Residency
  • University Ranking and Reputation (top tier or not!!)
  • Local Language in the country (whether its English or some alien language)
  • Course and a student’s interest in that course
  • Tuition fees
  • Cost of Living
  • Location (City or Town/ Populated or not)
  • Whether the extracurricular activities are supported and students can go to bar, have a good nightlife and outings
  • Social Problems like Racism and Economic Downturn

Course relevance is now taking a backseat and a lot of other aspects are the main drivers for decision making as far as moving abroad is concerned. Lets’s look at which countries top the list.

CANADA: Weather is no longer a factor for Canadian immigration, however temptations run high with Canada’s visa rules and PR (permanent residency) system. Being close to USA and one of the multicultural countries and voted as one of the best countries to live in students are flocking to Canada, no matter whether they get their choice of course and university or not. Finish a one year course and you get one year visa extension. Finish a two year course you get a three year visa extension to look for a job. If you get a job, you apply for PR after 6 months and sometimes immediately and within two years you become a Canadian Citizen as opposed to 10+ years to get a USA Green Card.

Australia: Students don’t care much about racism. Students don’t care about the heavy tuition fee. But they do care about the 2-3 year Visa extension after finishing their education. With a high standard of living and better job prospects and easy PR rules, Australia is the third most famous study abroad destination among students in Asia. You can get your PR in Australia within two years as well. But get ready to spend 50000-70000 USD for education.

New Zealand: New Zealand’s population is aging day by day and the government wants young students to come and contribute to their country’s economy. With this motto the PR rules in the country have been relaxed and by 2015 they want to increase their education sector by 25%. You can study in New Zealand with a minimal tuition fees compared to Australia and settle there after your PR is processed within three years. And you get visa extension for 2 years, same as the land down under.

Singapore: Study in Singapore and if you get into the job sector you can apply for PR and your PR application is processed within nominal time. The time span ranges from 6 months to one year !!! Of course, you don’t get the option of doing that all the time.

Ireland: If any country has benefited more than any other after UK visa changes its Ireland. You get one year visa extension after finishing your one year program in Ireland. And it takes 36 months (3 years) to process your PR / Green Card application. Even though currently, the Ireland job market is in a downturn, few sectors like information technology, engineering and medical are still intact.

USA: It takes minimum 10 years to get your visa processed. Even though after completing your education you get a two year visa extension, mostly students return back to their home country after that. But USA is still a country well known for its university reputation, technology prowess and one everyone dreams of going there at some point in time.

So, whatever, be your destination, let us know and we’ll pitch right in to help you out with getting you there. The idea is to see that smile on your face !  |

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