Handling An Interview With A Foreign University


An admission interview can be a valuable opportunity to show that there’s more to you than your score in entrance exams such as GRE, TOEFL etc. Also, take it as a valuable discussion which can help you clarify all your doubts about the place that would be your alma mater for life, of course if you choose to join them. It is advisable to be prepared, as most of the colleges abroad include a College Admission Interview as part of the admission process. Hopefully, the following tips would help you understand the structure and procedure better and crack that all important interview of your life..

Spare enough time for preparation

Be prepared for all kinds of questions that can be asked during the interview. Get to know the faculty and try to learn about the college and course you are applying for. Be sure to have gone through the website or any other available written material so that you have enough meat for the discussion.

Keep your calm

They have invited you for the discussion because there are impressed with your grades and just want to know more about you. So, be calm and do what it takes to offer honest answers to questions asked. Do not take this as a war of all worlds and the fact that if you dont clear this discussion, it’s the end of life because it isn’t.

Clarify your doubts

Asking questions during the interview is actually a good habit. By putting forward the right questions, you are essentially showing that you are keen on joining the institution you have applied for. As the interviewer is usually an ex-student of the college, you can ask questions to find out what is special about the college compared to other institutions in the neighborhood.

Formal Dressing is the key

Never wear T-Shirts, Flip-Flops or Jeans when you are going for an interview. Instead, make sure you are wearing proper formal attire. Casual clothing will only project a casual self-image. So, keep it safe by avoiding informal clothing.

Strike up an interesting conversation!

Yours is not the only interview for the interviewers. More often than not, people conducting interviews are quite bored after interviewing loads of candidates. You can bring in a refreshing change to the interview process by asking the right questions and striking up an interesting conversation, rather than passively answering the questions asked. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you can have a happy-go-lucky chat. Just make sure that your questions are friendly yet formal.

Contact previous students who have already taken the interview

By talking to candidates who have sat for the interview earlier, you can unearth handy advice on possible questions and ways to crack the interview. There could be valuable suggestions and tips about the interview panel which you can keep in mind while the discussion is going on, this will help you have an edge over the others which can often be the difference between geting selected or rejected.

Try and make your answers unique

You can capture the attention of the interviewer by giving interesting and innovative answers, rather than straightforward ones that you read from the book. You can also impress the interviewer by adding your personal opinion to the answer. Plus you can also try and be innovative and try to give some quotes, etc which can be a differential edge to the way you deal with the situation.

Be prepared for the most common interview questions

Here are some of the questions candidates are commonly asked during College Admission Interviews:

Tell me something about yourself
Why did you pick this institution?
What’s special about the course that you have opted for?
Have you applied for any other college?
What are your positive points?
What are your negative points?
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Do you have any personal interests/hobbies?
Have you received any awards?
Do you have any questions/clarifications?

All the best and hope you clear that very important interview, do well !

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