Group Of Eight [GO8], Australia


The Group of Eight (go8) markets itself as the group of ‘Australia’s Leading Universities’. They support this claim by referring to statistics relating to variables such as research outputs, industry links, graduate outcomes, and the standing of their academic staff. The group of 8 member universities are:

  • The University of Adelaide
  • The Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Western Australia

Each of these member universities is well regarded in a number of different areas and together they form a powerful bloc. There have been discussions about some formal recognition of the status of this group in ways such as increased government support or from the group itself developing its own standards framework. Nothing has come of these discussions yet, although it is likely that something will emerge as the competition in the higher education sector becomes more intense.

Why is the GO8 a force to reckon with ?

Ever since time immemorial, this group of eight universities has been known to be the best education power houses in the Australian Continent. They have a series of aspects which makes them so, let’s have a look at a few of the factors which makes them what they are today :

  • Influential : these universities have a huge say in the way the education system has been shaping up in Australia. As such, they have a very powerful hold on the overall education eco system and have been very instrumental in forming some very strong ploicies for the system. They have known to be also very infulential when it comes to opinions on the future of the education system and of course theit role around the same.
  • Govt Funding : they have very high govt funding quotas and hence have the best of facilities and features. Due to the high involvement of the govt in this arena, their say is very high in the formation of new policies as well as when it comes to a radical change in the nature of how the education system works in Australia.
  • Best Of Placements : these universities are in the top list of placements year after year, thanks to the fact that they have a super strong network of companies and also a rock solid reputation built over the years when it comes to educating and placing their students. They even have global reach and have been known to have a great placement record for overseas job assignments as well.
  • Research Intensive : especially for students who want to take thier PhD and other higher studeies  to the next level, these are some of the best universities to be part of. Their whitepapers and other associated collateral for specialised streams published regularly give you a very clear idea of the fact that they have some of the best research streams in the world.
  • World Class Faculties : Their faculties and staff are considered to be one of the best in the world. Peoplw with very high level of qualifications and experience get a chance to be part of the elite work force here and obviously all the students associated with these universities get the maximum chances to gain from a learning and development perspective
  • Incomparable Infrastructure : since these are directly funded by the govt and have a very high reputation for being one of the best in the world, their infrastructure and overall state of health is very high. These are supposed to be one of the best kept campuses in the world with all modern amenities and learning resources made available to the students in-house.

The GO8 has been a very popular and high yield set of universities which need to be experienced to be believed. We could do a lot for you to get you there and to help you realize what world class education is all about. For more information and details about how you could change your life too, kindly reach out to us on our co-ordinates below and we shall help you realize the true value of your global dream !  |

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Cost Of Studying In Canada


Compared to popular overseas study destination countries, the cost of studying in Canada is a lot more affordable. As an overseas student, you will likely need between $20,000 Cdn and $30,000 Cdn annually to cover tuition and living expenses. However, this cost range is an average only and will vary according to the institution and program in which you are enrolled, your location and living choices as wel l as the lifestyle that you prefer to lead.


Tuition fees for international students vary across provinces and programs. The table below shows the weighted average tuition fees for full-time foreign students, by field of study. Remember, however, that the costs associated with attending university go way beyond tuition fees. You need to factor in items such as books, personal living expenses and housing.

Insight : 2013–2014 university tuition fees for full-time foreign students (in Canadian dollars) as mentioned in the table below.


Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies


Social and behavioural sciences

Law, legal professions and studies

Business management and public administration

Executive MBA

Regular MBA

Physical and life sciences and technologies

Mathematics, computer and information sciences


Architecture and related technologies

Agriculture, natural resources and conservation





Veterinary medicine

Other health, parks, recreation and fitness

* Weighted Average Tuition Fees. Source: Statistics Canada


Most universities offer on-campus residences designated for international students, or residences generally available to all students on campus. However, acceptance at a Canadian school does not automatically mean you can get a room in residence. Students must apply separately for on-campus housing. The cost of on-campus housing varies across institutions and will depend on whether or not you want a private room or meals.

Some international students choose to live off-campus in an apartment or flat. Rent for an apartment in Canada can range from approximately $400 Cdn to $1,500 Cdn per month depending on the city or neighbourhood and the type of accommodation. As a renter, you may also need to pay additional monthly costs for utilities, such as electricity, home phone, Internet and cable television, as well as personal expenses and renters’ insurance.

Most universities can provide assistance with finding accommodations, both on- and off-campus, and answer questions through their housing office or student services. Depending on where you live, you may be able to walk or bike to campus. Many students, particularly those in larger cities, choose public transportation: buses, subways, commuter trains, or ferries. One-way public transit fares typically cost a few dollars, and monthly passes around $90 Cdn per month, although many transit providers offer student discounts.

The provincial governments are responsible for licensing vehicles and drivers in Canada. Contact the ministry of transportation in your province of study to determine if you are eligible to drive a vehicle.

Health insurance

All international students in Canada must have health insurance. Medical coverage available to international students varies from province to province. The provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan cover international students under their provincial health care plans, but coverage generally depends on the length of your stay.

However, international students planning to study in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island or Quebec must arrange for private health insurance.  |

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Planning Your Overseas College Stay


Here’s a quick look at what all you should be concerned about before you begin travelling for your overseas study. The more you focus on the details, the higher would be your comfort in terms of stay, etc. Read on to know more :


While the passport is the most important link in your travel abroad and there are slim chances that you would forget the same, there are other things that you would need to definitely worry about. Stuff like :

  • Validity of the passport
  • It’s expected expiry date
  • Any other aspects around the passport like re-issue procedures, etc

Passports are expected to expire but you want to stay away from hassles of standing in long queues for getting it re-done, not to mention the tension of staying in a foreign land without a passport. Keep your passport validity in check to ensure your true peace of mind.

Student visa

While student visas are generally taken care of by the school / university which is inviting you to come and study with them, there are cases when this might not happen. In a situation like this one, you need to be prepared to make your own arrangements. How do you do that ?

  • Get in touch with the consulate / embassy of the country where you need to go and study
  • Ask them for the detailed paperwork
  • Set up the interview dates
  • Get your documentation ready. Stuff like your invite letter, your proof of funds and the return ticket back home would be required before you get into an interview with the embassy


When considering your finances, you should make sure you have money that is safe and accessible for the duration of your travels.

Carrying the local currency is a must, but make sure you don’t rely solely on cash or withdraw large amounts of cash at a time. When converting your money make sure to do it before getting to the airport, where exchange rates are not the best. This can often be done through your local bank, travel agents, bureau de change, post office, some supermarkets or even a specialist online provider. To get the best rates, price comparison websites such as Moneysupermarket can help.

Before you depart, make a list of expenses, including everything from accommodation costs to daily food and entertainment. Figure out how much money you’ll have to live on per week and, if this isn’t enough, consider cutting down on non-essentials or researching further funding options.

International student scholarships

Scholarships are an effective way of ensuring that you get a good financial head start and use your money for something better.

A lot of universities / colleges have great scholarship programs which can change the way things look for you on the financial front. All you need to do is find out which are the criteria which will help you secure the scholarship.

There are various things which can impact your scholarship : reservations, GPA scored so far, special skills, merit related details, etc. Find out what works best for your institution and then work towards applying for that scholarship.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) should be on every international student’s study abroad checklist, as it offers discounts on products and services around the world. Check online to see whether the International Student Identity Card would be useful to you, and discover discounts for public transport, travel insurance, international calling cards and a number of other useful things.

The International Student Travel Confederation, the organization behind the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), has offices in 106 countries worldwide and can offer help with many travel-related issues you may face as an international student.

Travel insurance

There are three things that you need to really worry about when you are abroad :

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Theft

Insurance helps you take care of all this and remember that you don’t have to spend a bomb on this, however this expense is something that should help you manage your stay better from a financial perspective. So think on this and choose well, you won’t regret it.


To make sure you’re fighting fit before leaving home, it’s wise to visit your doctor for a full medical check-up and to make sure you’ve had all the vaccinations you may need for your chosen study destination. For far-off countries, these vaccinations will come at a price, but rest assured your doctor will tell you if they are completely necessary.

If you need ongoing care while you’re away, make sure your doctor sends a copy of your medical records abroad. Foreign prescriptions are not always honored so it is advised that you allow yourself extra time to collect your prescription before your medication runs out.


While most of the countries that you plan to travel to, will have some element of the local population speaking fairly good english, there could be certain parts where you feel a little left out and might want to get a better hold of the local language.

How do you do that ? Well here are a few tips :

  • Get your smart phone to download some local lingo learning apps
  • Carry a smart lingo assist book with you when you initiate your travel
  • Ensure that you pick up on local lingo when you walk into a general store or while visiting places with friends, etc
  • Try and have local friends speak to you in the local language so that you learn the most essential of words like thank you, sorry, excuse me, etc

End of the day, it’s not as tough as it really sounds and you can make it through very easily with the help of some tips, etc. All the best for your big trip abroad, make it count !!  |

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Why Opt for an Immigration Consultant ?


Choosing an immigration consultant is not a mandate. You could go ahead and do it yourself completely as all the information and forms are available online. However, the golden question is that would you have time to do this ? Given the current scenario that everyone is going through, be it parents or children alike, everyone has a grave paucity of time and you would rather have a consultant do everything for you. Here’s some of the top reasons why you should let a consultant do what he / she does best :

  • Consultant can assist you with choosing the “best” option for your situation
    Do you know that there are more than 60 different immigration programs for various countries depending upon whether it’s Australia, Canada, Denmark or the US ?  Do you also know that you can change your status during your stay in a few of these countries ?  There are also many ways for you to apply for a work visa. Everyone’s situation is unique and there is no absolute best option. A Registered immigration consultant who understands different immigration or visa programs will assist you choosing a “better option” for your particular situation.
  • You are assured that your file is presented in an organized and complete way
    Immigration application is a serious matter and details matter the most.  Do you know that if you submit your application forms with information you are not sure of, or you leave some questions blank will lead to your file being rejected or sent back to you for reapplication?  A certified immigration consultant has a qualified high level of details and organization skill to make sure that your information is complete and your case will be presented to immigration officers in an organized way for their easy processing. A detailed submission letter will also be sent along with your application to make a good impression for your case.
  • Consultant will make the complicated process simpler for you
    Immigration is a complicated process. It is not only because of complex Canadian immigration legal system. It is also the extent of your financial and emotional commitment to come and establish in a new country.  With the immigration law knowledge and the local knowledge of Canadian society, a registered immigration consultant will guide you through the process and make the complicated process simpler for you.
  • Consultant will save your valuable time
    Even for the simplest immigration cases, with all the forms and instruction guide online, not everyone has the time to invest in analysing the instruction, filling the forms and preparing the documentations for submission. Sometimes, even a simple case can use someone up to a few days of time with no 100% understanding of the requirement and rules. If you send an incomplete application or miss certain details, you case might be returned to you without any refund and you have to send the package again. A Registered immigration consultant already has all the resources ready in the office and will guide you in a prompt and efficient manner. He or she does the thinking and doing for you, so your valuable time can be saved for something more meaningful to you.
  • Professional Knowledge and Education
    As a Registered immigration consultant, he or she has to attend professional immigration practitioner program and pass various exams to get the licence.  He or she also has to fulfil many obligations including continuing education, pay high membership fees and insurance to maintain the professional title. A registered immigration consultant also has a code of professional conduct to follow to keep the license requirement.  Therefore, the financial and time investment by a registered consultant can be reflected in the quality of work he or she produces for the clients.

It’s always recommended to go in for a consultant for a variery of other reasons as well, however the final call is of course yours. When you come to JSK for any kind of help or assistance, we offer you the best possible options which fits your budget and needs. Reach out to us today to realize your overseas options and let’s help you make that dream of yours come true in every sense of the word. A very happy migration to you !!  |

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Visa Process For Australian Education


Step 1 : Beginning With The Application Process

Once you have decided that you want to go in for a specific course, all you need to do then is apply for the same. The procedure is fairly simple although a lot of people tend to get confused with the plethora of information floating around. Let’s take a look at how to go about the whole thing. There are broadly two ways in which you can get this done :

Step 1a. Apply Directly To The Education Body

To apply directly, download the application form from the education provider’s website as per the specified on-line link. If you are applying for courses at more than one institution, you will need to submit a separate application to each institution all of which is required to be marked and labelled properly and should comply to the local rules and regulations which govern the specific education institute.

Step 1b. Via an Authorised Australian Education Agent

Agents are deployed by universities, colleges and institutions to acquire students for them. Details on the agents an institution works with can be found on their website or by contacting them directly.

You will need to prepare supporting documentation to send with your application. The documents vary depending on the course, provider and qualification you’re studying for. A few of the the most relevant documents include (you might have more depending upon multiple factors) :

  • Certificates that verify your previous study
  • Evidence of your English language proficiency certified through tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc
  • Certificates or documents which verify previous study or work experience if you are seeking course credits. These must be translated into English.

Step 2 : Receiving your Offer Letter

If your application is successful, you will receive a ‘Letter of Offer’. To confirm your offer you must respond to this letter by signing and sending an acceptance of offer back to the institution. This can usually be done by mail or scanned copies of the same. The Letter of Offer is a contract between you and the institution. It sets out the course you will be enrolled in, enrolment conditions, the fees you need to pay, and the refund payable if you don’t complete your course with that provider. This contract is very important – if you don’t start your course, or finish your course, this written agreement will be used to determine if you will receive a refund.

A few tips below should help you keep some very important factors in mind before you actually sign on the dotted line :

  • Read the Letter of Offer carefully before you accept it.
  • Make sure that you understand all your rights, including the refund arrangements.
  • Do not accept the Letter of Offer if you are not happy with any of its terms.
  • Keep a copy of the Letter of Offer. You will need this copy so that you are aware of your rights and if you have to make a claim against the institution.

Step 3 : Confirmation of Enrolment

After you have accepted your Offer and paid your deposit you will receive an ‘Electronic Confirmation’ by email. This will outline your course start date, total course fees and how long your course will run for.

Step 4 : Visa application

If you are applying for your Student Visa through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s online lodgement facility, you will need the details of your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment to lodge your visa application. If you are lodging a paper visa application you must provide the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment prior to the visa being granted.

You should make sure that you meet requirements for a student visa before you accept an offer and pay any tuition fees.

Hopefully, we should be able to make your life a lot more easier if you happen to approach us for getting this done for you. Do reach out to us to know more about how we could help you in achieving that overseas education dream !  |

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Benefits Of Studying Abroad !


Studying abroad comes with many a benefits. Apart from the rich experience that you derive about the culture, nation, religion, food and other aspects, it also hones your international language skills and makes you a complete individual in ways more than one. Read on to know more about how foreign education could make that cut for you in the global domain.

Benefit 1 : Education

We all know that overseas education is in demand purely because of the way their teaching methodlogies are formed and also because of the wide variety of specialization that they offer which otherwise is not available in our country. Apart from this, the opportunity of getting a job abroad and earning in a foreign currency comes with it’s own benefits which cannot be matched

Benefit 2 : Culture

So, who wouldn’t want to know about a new culture ? Not only does this learning give you a better standing in the global market, but it also ensures that you deliver what’s expected from you in a new land. Once you learn the language and the other aspects of culture, you blend in very well and also develop a completely new understanding for a great new ambience that you never had access to before this point in time.

Benefit 3 : Self Development

Purely because of the number of advancement options available, a person can not only study but also take up a series of add on courses available which can bring about a complete change to their personality and the way they deliver results in the corporate world. There are umpteen universities which give out specialized and vocational courses which deal with a very specific task of making one job oriented with a clear objective in mind. This can set you apart from the rest of the crowd in so many ways.

Benefit 4 : Embracing challenges

Because of the fact that you have gone and studied abroad, you display a charcter which is full of strength and vigour. It just makes you so much more competitive because you have stepped out of your comfort zone and tried to make a change which is so positive. Both advanced universities and corporates, look at this as a very positive sign and you stand the chance of making a huge difference to your career and earning potential because of this move.

Benefit 5 : Globe Trotter

Once you get used to studying abroad and travelling, chances are that you would continue to see new places and that’s something which will keep adding value to your personal and professional life. A lot of people don’t worry about the discomfort of travelling & purely focus on what they have learnt. This enables them to grow their career in a multi-dimensional manner and change the way they look at problems as well as life itself.

These advantages would go a long way in shaping your career in the corporate world, so if you are ready for the big life, why wait ? Take the plunge and experience a whole new segment like never before. Of course, we are always there to guide you on how you can make this transition in some very easy and simple steps. Call us today to know more !!  |

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Following The Canadian Dream !


Acquiring a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa From India

Canada is one of the best countries to imigrate to. India, of course has been the largest supplier of skilled and un-skilled workers to Canada in the last so many decades and the number seems to be increasing manifold as the years go by. Canada along with Australia attract millions of immigrants every year. Thanks to the following aspects :

  • Transparent Government Policies
  • Ideal and conducive work environment
  • Great place to study with a wide variety of colleges and high schools
  • Lovely trading opportunities for the immigrants


What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa ?

A permanent resident is the one who although not the Canadian Citizen, however, has been given the Permanent Resident Status after immigrating to Canada. A permanent is given the Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) as a proof that he/she is a Permanent Resident of Canada (in case the card holder travel outside Canada). The card holder would require the PR Card if re-enters Canada once he has departed from Canada for whatever reason.

Why be a PR holder ?

  • Can Live, study or work anywhere in Canada
  • Can apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Can get the Health care and most of the other social benefits, which a Canadian Citizen receives.
  • Is protected under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


You Can Apply Under Various Visa Categories or Programs

There are various programs or categories available, applying under which you can immigrate to Canada permanently, i.e.

  • Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)
  • Self-employed Persons Program
  • Provincial nominees
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers (or investor or entrepreneur program)
  • Start-up visa(for people who have a business idea and someone to fund it)
  • Caregivers

Sponsorship programs

  • Family sponsorship
  • Sponsoring refugees
    Skills Immigrants: Skilled Worker immigrants are selected based on their ability to settle in Canada and contribute to the Economy here. The Skill Immigrants are being assessed based on the following:

    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • English/French Language Skills
    • Other Such Factors

Keep watching this space as we post more about how you could pursue your Canadian dream. You could also reach out to us in order to know more about the Canadian immigration process or better still get a free eligibility check so that we could start the process of getting you into Canada at the earliest !  |

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